Hard-to-find agglutination plates

These hard-to-find agglutination plates are ideal for febrile agglutination as well as all type of immunological reactions. Measures 6.25" x 6.25" on3.3mm glass. Available in either 30 wells 32mm each in clear (Cat No. SD074-3032C) or easy to read black glass (Cat No. SD074-3032B). Also available 30 wells, 23mm in clear (Cat No. SD074-3623C) or in black (Cat No. SD074-3623B). The 96 well plate (Cat No. SD074-9605), 4.75" x 3.25", 1.1mm thick, fits standard microtiter plates. Inquire for custom designs and pricing. Please allow lead time. For any other machines, please inquire. Custom orders cannot be returned.

Agglutination Plates

Cat No.SD074-3023C       30 well clear plate 6 plates

Cat No.SD074-3023B       30 well black plate 6 plates

Cat No.SD074-3623C       36 well clear plate 6 plates

Cat No.SD074-3623B       36 well black plate 6 plates

Cat No.SD074-9605          96 well microtiter plate-1.1mm thick 6 plates




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