Listeria Environmental Analysis
3M™ Petrifilm Environmental Listeria Plates


Environmental Listeria Plates with incubation

3M Petrifilm Environmental Listeria Plates detect the presence of Listeria in environmental samples. A sample-ready culture medium containing selective agents, nutrients a cold water-soluble gelling agent and a chromogenic indicator. 

Petrifilm EL plates are designed to analyse environmental samples and to help increase the efficiency of monitoring plant sanitation. The presence of indicator Listeria such as Listeria innocua provides evidence that environmental conditions are suitable for the occurence of Listeria monocytogenes. The Petrifilm EL plates detects the majority of environmental Listeria consisting of L. monocytogenese, L. innocua and L. welshimeri. 

Many organisms in the environment can be stressed by environmental conditions or sanitisers. Buffered peptone water (BPW) is used as a repair broth in conjunction with the Petrifilm EL plate to resuscitate stressed Listeria without increasing their numbers. Repair in BPW is not an enrichemnt step. 


  • Proven cost effective tool for the detection of environmental Listeria
  • Unique results (qualitative, semi-quantitative and quantitative) allow identification of hot spots in plant and track progress against Listeria over time
  • Rapid results in 26-30 hours from sample collection
  • No enrichment or culture transfers
  • Plate has been awarded Performance Tested Method (PTM) #030601 for stainless steel, ceramic tile and sealed concrete


Listeria spp grow on the Petrifilm Environmental Listeria Plates as red violet colonies. 

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  • 3M6447          Pack size: 50
  • 3M6448          Pack size: 200
  • 3M6498          Spreader



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