Low Cost, High Volume ELISA Method

Solus E.coli O157

Presumptive Results in 18-22hours


Solus E.coli O157 offers food testing laboratories an easy to use, cost effective & efficient screening method for the detection of E.coli O157 in food and environmental samples. The kit provides a negative or a presumptive positive result in 18 to 22 hours (including two hours for the assay), after a single enrichment step. 

Presented in an immunoassay format, Solus E.coli O157 is versatile and can be used manually or in conjunction with automation. Laboratories with higher sample throughput are recommended to use the Solus automated method to improve laboratory workflow, significantly reducing technician time and increasing the capacity of testing. 

  • Results available in as little as 18-22hours
  • 2 hours to presumptive negative / positive results post selective enrichment
  • Cost effective - increase laboratory efficieny
  • Highly efficient when automated
  • Available in a 96 well format
  • Reliable - independent validation demonstrating high levels of sensitivity and specificity


The method is certificed by AFNOR Certification for the detection of E.coli O157, including H7, in raw beef meat products (seasoned or not) raw milke and dairy products, vegetables and environmental samples. 
















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