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Neogen AccuPoint® Advanced Next Generation


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NEOGEN®'s new AccuPoint® Advanced Next Generation (NG) is a complete sanitation monitoring system comprising a handheld instrument, innovative samplers, and data manager software, designed to verify your cleaning processes by measuring adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

Neogen AccuPoint® Advanced NG  Instrument

  • Advanced photodetection technology
  • Wireless connectivity (Wi-Fi) for easy data download
  • RFID technology available for sample site ID
  • Multiple site plans on a single instrument
  • AOAC approved

Neogen AccuPoint® Advanced NG Software

  • Creating test plans:
    • Designate surface type (stainless steel, rubber, plastic, concrete, other)
    • Designate zone type (zone 1, 2, 3, bathroom or equipment)
    • Randomisation of test points optional
  • Results can be sorted and filtered for reports and data exported as PDF, Excel, CSV, Word or JSON files
  • Year over year trending analysis
  • Windows 10 based program using an SQL database
  • User hierarchy — admin and operator roles secured with a PIN


When it comes to cleaning verification, you depend on reliable, robust instruments to get the job done. The AccuPoint® Advanced NG instrument is ergonomically designed with a new user-friendly full colour touchscreen feature that works even while wearing gloves. You can use RFID identification or the touch screen for quick navigation for test point selection, alternatively you can use the directional pad for menu navigation. You can select a preset test site or use the quick test option and run your test, reading the RLU result in 20 seconds. Use the directional pad to add notes to any result and there is an automatic retest option available after a failed result. The unique flat head sampler provides more significant surface contact recovering more ATP while breaking through biofilms and exposing otherwise difficult to detect bacterial and soil contamination.

The data manager software comes as standard and is an accurate tool to track and trend data results over time. The software is designed to make managing your testing plans easy, saving you time and effort while allowing you to create a digital record of your testing procedures and providing instant information required for audits. The AccuPoint®  Advanced NG instrument comes programmed with default threshold settings of 0–149 RLU as pass, 150–299 RLU as marginal, and 300 RLU and higher as fail. These thresholds can be changed through the data manager program and uploaded to the instrument.


AccuPoint® Advanced NG Brochure


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