Rapid Environmental Listeria & L.mono
InSite L.mono Glo


InSite L.mono with result panel

InSite L.mono Glo is an easy-to-use, self-contained, environmental sampling and screening test for Listeria species and L. monocytogenes. Each device contains a chromogenic liquid media formulated with antibiotic growth enhancers, colour changing compound specific to Listeria and fluorescent compounds specific to L. monocytogenes. The two-step test changes colour in the presence of Listeria species, while illumination with UV lights reveals the presence of L. monocytogenes. 

  • All-in-one sampling and detection for ease of use
  • Large foam swab for maximum sample pickup
  • Foam swab pre-moistened with neutralising buffer to minimise sanitiser interference
  • Presumptive positive results in as little as 24 hours
  • Sensitive results:
  • UV fluorescence indicates pathogenic Listeria
  • AOAC-RI Performance Tested Method #061802


Easy to Interpret Results

When Listeria species are present in a sample, the liquid media changes colour from amber to black. If pathogenic Listeria, like L.mono are present, the media will glow green when UV light is shined on it. 


InSite L.mono Result Panel

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Technical Papers

Dowload Simultaneous Detection of Listeria species & L. monocytogenes with Hygiena InSite L. mono Glo

Download Total Listeria Environmental Screening in 24 hours

Ordering Details: -

Product Code: HG-ILMG50          Pack of 50

To run the test you will also require: -

Digital Dry Block Incubator

UV Torch


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