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InSite Interpreting results with hand 

InSite is a quick and easy presumptive Listeria test that has been specifically designed to monitor the presence of Listeria in environmental samples from the food processing environment. The test contains a proprietary liquid media formulated with antibiotics, growth enhancers, and colour changing compounds specific to the growth of Listeria species. A colour change from yellow to grey/black is considered presumptive positive. Applicability of InSite is limited for selected common Listeria spp (L. monocytogenes, L. innocua, L. ivanovii, and L. welshmeri) on selected common surface types.
Presumptive positive results are available for the most common Listeria spp in as little as 24 hours at levels as low as 1-10 CFU/mL. The InSite results can be read visually and requires no other equipment apart from a 37°C ± 1° incubator. 
Compared to UVM and BLEB, provides superior/equivalent recovery and faster detection of as low as 10-50 heat injured Listeria monocytogenes/mL within ~24-30 hours of incubation. InSite provides higher level of selectivity and sensitivity for heat injured L. monocytogenes under binary competition conditions compared to BLEB and UVM media
  • InSite media is AOAC approved
  • Easy-to-use
  • No subculturing
  • Visual interpretation, no reader
  • Snap-Valve technology - snap and squeeze
  • Large 2.5 inch foam swab for maximum sample pickup
  • Self-contained reagent, minimises cross contamination
InSite Listeria Method
Reading Insite Chromo Listeria
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Product Code: HG-ILC100          Pack Size: 100 swabs


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