Access for In-Line or Tank Sampling

TruStream12 Ports (316L)

Convenient access for aseptic monitoring for in-line or tank sampling.

Each port is manufactured from stainless steel with and are accredited to the 3-A Sanitary Fittings. A Quali-Tru fitting may be placed into a straight pipe or a ‘T’. Please note that the preferred sampling location is at an elbow because the turbulent flow allows for a more representative sample to be obtained. An elbow location also allows for proper CIP Cleaning.

Sanitary Ports

  • TruStream12 Tank Port Cat: 212214
    Comes with nut. Stainless Steel 316L
    (Weld In Version)
  • TruStream12 Tri-Clamp Port 2" Cat: 211164
    2" diameter, comes with nut.
  • TruStream12 Tri-Clamp Port 2.5" Cat: 211168
    2.5" diameter, comes with nut.
  • TruStream12 Tri-Clamp Port 3" Cat: 211174
    3" diameter, comes with nut.
  • TruStream12 Tri-Clamp Port 4" Cat: 211184

Sanitary Recessed Ports

  • TruStream12 Recessed Port 6"x2" Cat: 212224
  • TruStream12 Recessed Port 6"x3" Cat: 212228

Sanitary Inspection Ports

  • TruStream12 Tri-Clamp Elbow 2” Cat: 213124
  • TruStream12 Tri-Clamp Elbow 2.5” Cat: 213128
  • TruStream12 Tri-Clamp Elbow 3” Cat: 213134
  • TruStream12 Butt Weld Elbow 2” Cat: 213164
  • TruStream12 Butt Weld Elbow 2.5” Cat: 213168
  • TruStream12 Butt Weld Elbow 3” Cat: 213174

Sanitary Inspection Tees

  • TruStream12 Cat:
    Contact Key Diagnostics for further information


  • TruStream12 Wrench Part Number: 310022
    For use with 12-port nut only.

Replacement Nut

  • TruStream12 Stainless Nut Cat: 219054
    Use for all 12-port fittings.
    Please Note: Each Stainless Fitting Ordered Is Equipped with A Stainless Nut

Replacement Dust Cover

  • TruStream12 Dust Cover Cat: 310162
    The QualiTru Dust Cover fits over the 12-port stainless nut to protect the Aseptic Septum from dust and moisture. Each stainless fitting sold is shipped with one Dust Cover.


Installation Drawings

TruStream 12 Base Port Customer Drawing
TruStream12 Recessed Port Customer Drawing
TruStream12 Tri-Clamp Elbow Customer Drawing
TruStream12 Tri-Clamp Inspection Tee Customer Drawing
TruStream12 Tri-Clamp Port Customer Drawing
TruStream12 Weld Elbow Customer Drawing


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