ID Of Listeria spp - AOAC Approved
Microgen Listeria-ID
Listeria ID Kit
Microgen Listeria-ID kit offers a 24 hour test for the identification of 6 Listeria species. All substrates included conform to all international standards and with enhanced built-in heamolysis tests blood agar plates are no longer required. 
  • A complete identification system, no additional materials required
  • Substrates included conform to all international standards
  • Enhanced built in haemolysis test—no blood plate required
  • Validated for chromogenic media (BBL/AES)
  • AFNOR validated with AES ALOA medium
  • No sub-culture necessary from selective media
  • AOAC—RI validated
  • CMMAS Assessed and Approved


Microgen Listeria-ID employs 12 standardised microwell substrates combined with the Microgen Identification System Software to identify members of the genus Listeria:

  • Listeria monocytogenes
  • Listeria welshimeri
  • Listeria ivanovii
  • Listeria innocua
  • Listeria grayi
  • Listeria seeligeri


The above organisms can be identified from selective agar or non-selective agar using Microgen Listeria-ID.  Identification is achieved using all the tests recommended in international standard methods for the identification of Listeria spp. without the need for additional confirmatory tests.

The Microgen Bioproducts Listeria Identification kit, Microgen Listeria-ID (MID-67) has been granted AOAC Research Institute Performance Tested Methods (PTM) status by the internationally recognised AOAC  International, providing independent evidence of product robustness and accuracy. PTM status confirms equal accuracy against the Bacteriological Analytical method (BAM) procedure. 


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Product Code: MGMID-67          Pack size: 20 tests


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